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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

COSAD - Center for Enterprise and Community Development in Tanzania ("COSAD Center") is a practical interpretation of COSAD's mission and strategic vision, specializing in providing micro business solutions through technical assistance and financial resources that help individuals and groups to develop and launch small enterprise projects. We also work to promote creative work of social entrepreneurship, directly helping those who are underserved by facilitating their dreams, cultural creativity, and efforts into economic reality.

Women and youth in Tanzania are among the most venerable members of the society as they continue to face very serious challenges which are economic, social and ethical in nature, posing great concern for sustainable civil society.

COSAD was formed as a passionate response to these challenges.

More importantly, COSAD recognizes and appreciates the immense ability of the people to become better and more productive citizens once the obstacles in their paths are removed. In other words, COSAD strives to become a part of the solution by establishing people-centered, holistic approaches to sustainable development by capturing passionate individuals’ creativity and their local resources.

Despite the low level, or total absence of economic activities in some communities in Tanzania, the country is not intrinsically poor. Tanzania has vast natural resources and very creative human capital. Although Tanzania has made some significant contributions to the world marketplace through its natural and cultural resources, her potential remains largely untapped because of her limited integration into the global market economy.

Tanzania, for instance, as a home to more than 120 ethnic groups and languages, is the source of very rich and diverse natural and economic activities which come along with a wide range of impressive artistic creativity.

At COSAD, we believe that if these precious resources are coordinated under a serious and coherent organization, one that focuses on individual’s core competence and passion, it would result in sustainable development at individual level and vibrant communities in general.

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