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Dubai, UAE

Leaders in the field of manufacturing kitchen equipment for hotels, restaurants and bakeries. The company undertakes a number of turnkey projects like manufacturing, erection and commissioning of entire industrial kitchens in major hotels, fast food establishments and restaurants.

Al Halabi has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with the latest machinery and design equipment. All kitchen equipment manufactured by the company undergoes a strict quality check to ensure that all products carrying the Al Halabi logo meet every international quality standard. Little wonder then that Al Halabi was one of the first companies in the sector to be awarded the ISO 9001 accreditation.

Among the many products supplied and manufactured by Al Halabi are Blenders, Bone-Saw Machine, Chaffing Dish, Chillers & Freezers, Chopping Block & Plastic Boards, Cold Drink Dispenser, Contact Grill, Conveyor Toaster, Cooking Ranges, Counter Top Heating Display, Crepe Machines, Cutter Mixer, Dishwasher, Dough Divider, Dough Mixer, Dough Sheeter, Espresso Coffee Machines, Food Mixer, Fruit Juicer, Fryer, Griddle Plate, Grills, Gyros Machine, Hot Plates, Hotdog Machines, Ice Cream Machine, Ice Cube Crusher, Ice Makers & Flakers, Knives, Manual Hamburger Machine, Meat Mincer, Meat Mincer Plate, Meat Slicer, Ovens, Popcorn Machines, Potato Peeler, Salamander Toaster, Sausage Filling Machine, Scales, Sharpening Steel, Sinks, Skewers, Skimmers, Slush Machine, Spiral Mixer, Stainless Steel Cooling Display, Stainless Steel Hooks, Stainless Steel Kitchen, Hoods, Stainless Steel Pot, Stainless Steel Serving Tables, Stainless Steel Serving Trolly, Stainless Steel Shelving Unit, Stainless Steel Square & Round Bow, Stainless Steel Sugar Cane Presser, Stainless Steel Trays, Vegetable Cutter, Waffle Machines, Water Broilers, Water Coolers... to name a few.

Having already established itself as one of the leading suppliers of kitchen equipment in the United Arab Emirates, the company is now diversifying into overseas markets to further expand on its customer base. Al Halabi products have already gained acceptance and popularity in the Middle East markets as well as markets in the Indian sub-continent, Russia and Iran. The company has also gained a firm foothold in the African markets where it has been supplying its products in increasingly large quantities in recent years. Some of the African countries where Al Halabi has been exporting its goods include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia, Nigeria and Congo.

In a bid to meet the growing demands of the hotel and tourist industry in Africa, Al Halabi Refrigeration and Steel Company is now looking to establish longterm business contacts in the new and emerging markets in Africa. To fulfill its objectives, the company is looking to appoint agents and distributors for its products in African countries.

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