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Tyrexpo Africa 2018 [Tyrexpo Africa]
Gallagher Convention Centre Hall 2, Johannesburg, South Africa

The African continent is one of the fastest growing markets for the global tyre industry, owing to rising passenger car and commercial vehicle sales. Passenger car tyre segment is projected to witness the fastest growth for the next few years. Growth in this segment can be attributed to the estimated increase in passenger car sales on account of rise in disposable income, expanding consumer base, increasing urbanization and introduction of electric vehicles in the market.

Tapping on the growth momentum of the tyre industry, Tyrexpo Africa will be back for its 7th edition on 10 - 12 April 2018 at Gallagher Convention Centre Hall 2, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Another predominant factor boosting tyre industry growth is the expansion of replacement tyre market. According to a recent report, replacement tyres accounted for the majority share in Africa tyre market over the past few years and the same trend is expected to continue in the coming years. The development in the automobile fleet will propel tyre demand and fuel growth in the Africa tyre market through 2022.

Tyrexpo Africa 2018 is the only dedicated trade exhibition for Africa's Tyre, Automotive Repair & Maintenance, and Tyre Accessories market, where over 3,000 industry players from Africa and the surrounding regions will converge on a single platform, to exchange ideas, expertise, products and innovations within the ecosystem.

The African continent has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets for the global tyre industry. The reason is simple: the rapid growth of the middle-class in many African countries has pushed demand for automobiles to an all-time high - in turn creating a growing market for all kinds of tyres, including passenger car tyres, off-the-road tyres, industrial tyres, agricultural tyres, truck, bus and trailer tyres as well as motorcycle and bicycle tyres.

Africa is predominantly a price-sensitive market and consumers in Africa prefer imported low-priced Chinese tyres rather than the expensive European and American brands. As a result, China has emerged as a leading exporter of tyres to many African countries in recent times. This has led to intense, competition between tyre manufacturers who are seeking to capture a major share of the market for tyres in the African markets. Till a few years back, European tyre manufacturers had a monopoly over the African markets and many European brands were top-selling tyres in most African countries. However, there has been a shift in the balance in recent years. Chinese and Asian-make tyres are now pushing the European and American tyre brands out of the market.

Against this backdrop, the forecast for the South Africa tyre market looks positive. According to industry experts, the country's tyre industry is set to grow by approximately 9 percent by 2019 -  a considerable growth performance time of economic hardship. This growth is going to be largely due to the various trade agreements which has helped to promote South Africa as an innovative manufacturing base for automotive products, including tyres. To further consolidate its position, South Africa launched APDP - Automotive Production and Development Program - in order to fully support the country's overall tyre manufacturing facilities and capabilities.

In East Africa, the American and European brands have been virtually wiped out. In Kenya, for instance, the American and European tyre brands are facing an uphill task, having to tackle a significant bulk of low-priced imports from China, Indonesia, Thailand and India. There is also the problem of taxation. Tyres attract a duty of 35 percent in Kenya which, according to business analysts, should place the prices of imported and locally manufactured tyres roughly at par, with only marginal price variations on some brands. However, international tyre manufacturers say retail and wholesale prices of some foreign products in the market are well below the expected minimum if costs of production, transport, insurance and duty are considered, an indication that there is illegal dumping.

Maximising your time at Tyrexpo Africa, various key activities were created for you to meet targeted buyers, network among the industry colleagues as well as to showcase your thought-leadership and product solutions.

The TyreTalk is designed to attract key stakeholders of the tyre industry where contemporary issues, challenges and business opportunities will be discussed, allowing companies to benchmark and stay ahead in today's business environment.

Connect With Leading Tyre Industry Players
Your one-stop trade-only exhibition that brings together over 100 international and local suppliers of tyres, retreading, wheels & rims, garage equipment, tools, consumables, IT and training services in Asia.

Gain Valuable Industry Insights
Not just a trade show, Tyrexpo Asia will be accompanied by a seminar designed to attract key stakeholders of the tyre industry, to discuss contemporary issues, challenges and business opportunities in Asia that will allow companies to stay ahead in today's business environment.

Broad Product Mix to Meet Every Need
A one-stop show for tyres, workshop equipment and accessories, Tyrexpo Asia offers a broad range of products and services to meet every sourcing requirement.

Maximise Your Time and Investment
The business matching services provide a fast, personalised and convenient way for you to pre-schedule appointments to make the best of your time at the show.

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