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Al Kamal Cosmetics

Lagos, Nigeria

We are an agribusiness organization that invests and develops grassroots based value chain solutions in the agricultural sector. Our principal mandate is to provide the much needed professional business support for the mass of rural farmers in Nigeria. 

›Harvesting Equipment
›Post Harvesting Equipment
›Water Pumps

Our Services
›Agribusiness Finance
›Knowledge services
›Technical support
›Hire and Lease
›Commodity Brokerage
›Agricultural inputs

Our open structure is primed to service customers with excellent tools. We are principally involved in Commercial farming and supply of food and staple agricultural produce. We are also into rearing and marketing of pigs, fish, local meat, fruit/alcoholic wine. We are a reliable company. 

We are looking forward to meeting interested partners and clients.

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Al-Kamal Cosmetics
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