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Prime Energy Ventures Limited was incorporated on the 7th of September, 1992. It was then charged with the function of providing Power support to business offices and domestic environments by the use of uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Power Inverters and Deep Cycle Batteries.

By the year 1998, Solar energy as an alternatives energy source was added to the scope of our business, making Prime Energy one of the first 5 companies in Nigeria to fully invest into photovoltaic source of alternative energy.

Till date, Prime Energy Ventures Limited., in association with its group members  Prostar Global Energy Group Ltd., Prime Solar Power Ltd., and Eco-Pal Electric Systems Ltd., has been actively involved in the exposure of Nigerian populace to the undoubtedly the Power for today and the future: The Solar Energy.

We have attended several international conferences and exhibitions on Alternative Energy Sources. Trained several local technicians and engineers to further the course of alternative energy advancement.  Currently, we are on the course of attaining the company,s lofty vision of being one among the best in the industry by local assemblage of parts or whole of photovoltaic installation components or parts, beginning with Power Inverters.
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