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Lobatse Clay Works Pty Ltd.
Lobatse, Botswana

Lobatse Clay Works, a wholly owned Botswana Development Corporation company, started operations at its manufacturing plant in Lobatse, 70 kilometres south of Gaborone in 1992. Situated in the valleys of the Woodhall hills, Lobatse Clay Works produces in excess of 30 million units per year and has been a major partner in building Botswana's infrastructure.  

LCW's quality clay products make up the face of Botswana's buildings including office complexes, town houses, universities, schools, hospitals, institutional houses, government houses as well as private residential.

  • To  manufacture and supply quality burnt clay products to the Construction and allied industry in Botswana and the region.
  • To be the leading supplier of quality clay products

Our core values
We espouse our company core values:
  •      To work with Integrity
  •       To have Ownership of our actions
  •       To have Empathy for other people, and: 
  •       Are passionate about excellence 
All clay facings are classified into one of the following three classifications to aid in the selection of the product which best suits the application.

FBX - Face Brick Extra
Durable face brick possessing the highest degree of size, shape and colour uniformity.

FBS - Face Brick Standard
These are clay face bricks that are durable,uniform in size and shape.

FBA - Face Brick Aesthetic
These are durable clay face bricks selected or produced for a highly individual aesthetic look derived from deliberate non-uniformity of shape and colour.

Work Size
Standard nominal work sizes are 222mm long x 106mm wide x 73mm high.

Should range from nil to moderate, dependent upon the product.

Average Water Absorption
Depending on the product, will range from 5% to 15%. (24 hour soak test).

Initial Suction Rate
Facings generally fall in the range of 0,8kg/m2 min. to 2,0kg/m2 min., which is the optimum range to develop good brick mortar bonding.

The average mass of products will normally vary in the range of 2,3kg to 3,4kg per masonry unit.

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