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Dangote Group
Lagos, Nigeria

Dangote Group was founded in 1977 with the formation of ALCO International Limited. Subsequently, Dangote Nigeria Limited was incorporated. During the 1980s and 1990s, the Group ventured into the importation of sugar, milk, flour, fish, rice, cement and iron rods. Later, the Group embarked on the haulage business, which started with 600 trucks under Dangote Transport. Dangote Industries Limited was incorporated in order to sustain the Group's market leadership in trading commodities and to expand into manufacturing of food, clothing and building material. 

Focus was placed on the following: sugar refining, flour milling, pasta production, salt processing, bulk cement bagging, oil and gas exploration, real estate, propylene bag manufacture, haulage, textiles, maritime operations and telecommunications.

The Dangote Group includes the following subsidiaries, among others:
ALCO International Limited
Dangote Nigeria Limited
Dangote Transport Limited
Dangote Cement Plc.
Dangote Salt Plc.
Dangote Flour Mills Plc.
Dangote Sugar Plc.
Dangote Oil & Gas Industries International
Dangote Textiles Limited
Dangote Holdings Limited
Blue Star Limited
Dansa Foods Limited
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