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Zafco Trading

Cotonou , Benin

As the Ceo of the company INTERNATIONAL GROUPE SAPHIR and secretary & project manager in a non-governmental organization ( ONG CODIB ) in the Republic of Benin (West Africa).

We are looking for any company representation in our country to ensure the distribution of their product in West Africa. It would be a winning winning partnership. We will be happy to help them to open a branch with us and also to acquire all the administrative documents necessary to be in the legality with respect to our state.

Africa, a market rich in opportunities for European, Asian, American, Oceania and Antarctic companies. Everyone agrees that Africa is the new Eldorado, but few companies dare venture there. Today IGS Sarl is here to help you get in because the Republic of Benin is a crossroads in West Africa and a politically stable and virgin country for investment

As far as we are concerned, we offer the following products:

Soybeans, shea butter seeds, tapioka, cassava, white maize, long dried red pepper, cotton seeds, dried ginger, white sesame, peanut oil, crude red palm oil, aluminum scrap, raw cashew nuts with shell, Arabian gum, millet, fresh pineapple and many other tropical products that I will not be able to cite here.

We also have very good contacts from suppliers of precious metals and Crude oil.

We have 100 hectares of virgin plot and we are looking for investors to accompany us to exploit them by farming, breeding and fish farming.

If Interested in our requests and offers, write me directly.

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