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Avtech Systems Ltd.
Nairobi, Kenya

AV technology plays a leading role in almost every industry today. People/Businesses have come to appreciate the importance of Audio Visual at work place; so is the government, houses of worship, NGO's, Educational Institutions etc. Here at Avtech Systems Ltd we partner with architects, consultants, engineers, designers and end users in the planning, design, installation and servicing of visual communications, broadcast equipment, video production, audio solutions, video security and video conferencing technologies.

Avtech Systems Ltd provides top quality presentation and home automation solutions that help improve communication and convenience.

We use our expert knowledge and smart packages that enable companies and individuals to leverage AV technologies to maximum advantage.Choosing Avtech Systems Ltd means working with one company that provides it all: Leading supplier of Multi-branded AV equipment, Pre-sales consultancy, Design and custom installation of AV systems, Technical support and on-site maintenance, Audio visual and Lighting Equipment Rental and much more.We combine technical expertise with a personal touch to help you convey your message and reflect your image.

You'll find our installations in corporations, colleges and universities, auditoriums, sports arenas,courtrooms, law offices, hotels, factories and warehouses, airports and sea ports, convention centers, churches, synagogues, network and broadcast studios, hospitals, operating rooms, classrooms and more many more.

• Avtech Systems Ltd has access to thousands of products and are not committed to supplying product from a limited number of manufacturers. This gives us the freedom as designers to use the most appropriate products available, to best serve the needs of our clients.

• Best engineering practices are employed at every stage of design, installation and testing of equipment to ensure that equipment installed provides maximum performance and can easily be serviced. Additionally, build quality effects the longevity of equipment. Procedures have been put In place to ensure that every stage of manufacture and assembly is assured and all equipment is tested prior to shipping.

• Avtech Systems Ltd are provided with as built documentation and schematics, operator manuals and trouble shooting guides

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