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Zafco is associated with the internationally well-known tire brand Otani for more than 25 years and represents the brand in over 40 countries in the world. In 2010, Zafco and Otani further consolidated their relationship by investing in a joint venture to set up a new tire factory in Thailand. The factory is located in the city of Bangkok and makes top quality radial tires for trucks. 

In order to come up with high quality truck tires, rigorous testing procedures have been put in place at the factory. In addition, a system of continuous improvements has been embraced. There has been a particular focus on designing and manufacturing tires that give fleets low cost per kilometer as well as maximum usage of the casing for multiple retreads. With these features, the product is ready to make its entry in the African continent. 

The consumption for imported truck tires in Africa is well over 10 million units in a year. Countries like Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Angola, Kenya, Tanzania and South African are the major truck tires consumers.  For several land-locked countries in Africa, land transport is the only option to import products. 

Continuous investments and improvement in the infrastructure of the road network over the years in some of these countries has increased the demand for tubeless truck tires in the region. 

Like anywhere else in the world, in this region too, companies with their own fleets as well as transport companies, have started feeling the need for high quality, low cost of kilometer tires. There is a shortage of good quality tires and their availability in the African region. Most of the value for money brands are focusing on selling in other continents and have limited supplies to cater to the African region. Whereas OTANI TBR Tires will be focusing to serve the needs of the transporters in the African countries and with an annual production capacity of more than 500,000 units, is well positioned to supply the required quantities. 

The value for money product is a key to success in the African region. After studying the market for several years, OTANI TBR has come up with sizes and prices which are suitable for this market and there will be more sizes and patterns coming soon in 2013.  From the Feb 2013, we will be introducing the new All Position truck tire, which is the main requirement in many of the African countries. 
Considering the speed and route conditions in Africa, Otani TBR has made a special highway pattern "OH 101". This particular pattern features high speed, low noise, greater steering performance and, most importantly, is a tire which gives "LOW COST PER KILOMETER". 

ZAFCO aims to join hands with a strong partner in countries like Algeria, Nigeria, Angola, and other African markets for a long term business relationship.  Additionally, plans are already underway to introduce Otani TBR tires to the OEM trailer manufacturing companies in the region, which will make Otani an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brand of tires.

With plans to make over 15 sizes in 2013, in addition to the range of 20 sizes readily available, continuous development of new sizes and patterns is a strategic imperative for Otani which will make it one of a few brands that cover the entire range of the truck tire segment. 

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