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Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

MADAME THUREIYAH BOUTIQUE offers affordable products of which we offer you in a vast range. This is a family managed business that has been successfully serving East Africa's broad market for over ten years now and we are still booming as we're the only ones who deliver you the latest beauty products from all over the world. Behind our success comes our desire to quench everyone's thirst when it comes to beauty and we are always super excited when our customers are fully satisfied with what we have in stock for them. 

We cater for all you need in order for you to look elegant and executively presentable. Our products range to all age groups from babies to elderly people and for both males and females. In case you are in need of a handbag, classic travel bag, exquisite watch, dress, women's suit, gent's suit, shirt, trouser, shoes, snicker shoes, men's sandals, socks, jeans for men and women, casuals for both men, women and kids, women evening dresses, cosmetics, perfumes of latest brands, deodorant, body spray, necklace set, ear rings, women scarf, weave, wig, bangles, neck tie, leather belt, as well as wallets and under wears for both men and women then we make it cheaply available for you. 

We also go as far as to provide our customers with bathroom materials such as shower jell, shampoo, shower brush, bathing soap of all brands, as well as soap dishes and towels. Further still, we offer ladies the best dressing tables products which include hand & body cream, body lotion, lip stick, nail kit, manicure set, clippers, massage oil, butt lifter, skin tight, and red coffee which is the latest approved product used to reduce the stomach size to the desired size you want.

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