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ALConstructs Logistics & Solutions Ltd.
Takoradi, Ghana

ALConstructs is a fully Ghanaian owned company registered under Companies Act 1963 Ghana, and with the Ministry of Water Resources, Works & Housing.

Broadly speaking we operate in the construction sector, with expertise in design, engineering and on-site project management. We work with clients here in Ghana, as well as clients based overseas with an interest in delivering a project in Ghana.

The underpinning principle of ALConstructs is that we refuse to compromise on quality. We take professional and personal pride in the work delivered by ALConstructs, and give a guarantee to our clients that we will not consider the project complete until all parties are satisfied. We also believe in innovation, and force ourselves to think outside the box to find ways of delivering to a high standard whilst remaining competitive in terms of cost.

We are strong believers in sustainable construction - we explore multiple options to deliver a project to the client's needs, and in a way that is least harmful to the natural environment in which it is being built.

Finally, we believe collaboration is at the heart of success and strive to create a team environment between ourselves and our clients.

Our goal in the short term is to establish the company as a trusted partner to our clients in southern Ghana. We want our name to be associated with cost effective quality, innovation and satisfaction upon delivery. We believe that if we can achieve this, the company will provide itself with the platform to address what we consider to be some of the major infrastructure challenges facing Ghana in the 21st century: delivery of affordable housing and appropriate sanitation; a move towards renewable energy for domestic and commercial buildings; adherence to environmental health and safety on a construction site.

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