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We try to bring you something new with every list and in this list we introduce the new Color-Change Garnet from the Taita-Taveta area of Kenya. This new deposit, just recently found, has produced some incredible color-change Garnets, which rivals those from Madagascar. Also new from Kenya, are the "Sunset" Tourmalines, and the Rhodolite (see the Tanganyika Trading plate). 

We have some excellent semi-facet and cabochon grade rough on the What's New1 plate. Do NOT miss these stones!!
Cabochons are very popular in Europe and I saw some superb jewelry set with only cabs at the Intergem show. 
Also on the Tanganyika Trading plate is a very good parcel of large Morganites from Mozambique. The color of these stones is a good, distinctive 'pink' with no salmon colors - and these stones have not been treated in any way. Some more good Tourmalines have come in from Nigeria as well as some rather attractive bi-colors. When cutting these bi-colors, it is advisable to take some time orientating them to get the best color effect.

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