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Coast Coconut Farms

Coast Coconut Farms is dedicated to producing the highest quality extra virgin coconut oil through a Direct Micro Expelling process. Our coconut oil is made on the beautiful coast of Kenya from wild organic coconuts, using a fully sustainable and earth friendly process. Our goal and mission is to produce the finest oil on the market while providing sustainable employment in the rural areas of Kenya.

Coast Coconut Farms was started in 2005 by The Pope Foundation as an economic development project with a mission to provide sustainable employment, management and ownership opportunities for the rural people of Kenya. We are accomplishing this in two ways: larger production facilities and small micro-franchises. The larger production facilities are owned by Coast Coconut Farms, employ 23 people and produce larger quantities of oil. 

This oil is sold throughout Africa, Europe and the USA. The smaller micro-franchises are owned by individuals in remote areas and employ 4 or 5 and produce small quantities. Some of this oil is sold in their local villages/markets and the rest is sold to Basa Body for use in cosmetics. Both systems use a no waste, Direct Micro Expelling process which is fully sustainable and earth friendly. 

The coconut meat is used for oil, the milk is given to the local people, the husks and shells are used for fuel and charcoal, the lye from the charcoal is used to make soap and the left over cake after pressing is used for baking or cattle feed. 

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