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Unique Wood Ltd.
Kampala, Uganda

Specialising in puzzle wood flooring. This is a durable alternative to tiling through the use of preconstructed high grade woodlike pices to create the effect of wooden flooring. Quirky and distinctive, the wood Puzzle floor offers clever charm and character. Wood tiles that shimmer with grain and depth, the Puzzle Floor breaks up large areas while retaining a single grain direction. Featuring two different patterns, they quickly interlock for a durable floor that's easy to maintain. 

Available in 13 colours, the tiles can be mixed for unique and personal installations. Made of solid northern hardwood, each piece is pre-finished and precision cut for a high-quality wood flooring of perfect alignment. The puzzle floor adds a delightful beauty to your interiors. Puzzle Floor is real flooring that does not get assembled and disassembled on a daily basis.

Cleaning Problems
The other strike against Puzzle Floor is cleaning. Dirt gets trapped in the beveled joins between pieces. With strip or plank flooring, you can sweep in one direction and get the majority of the dirt out. But with these curved edges, it's not clear how you sweep, or if you even sweep at all. I imagine it has to be vacuumed. Summing up, it's cute, it's unusual, but it's a gimmick. 

Why Choose Puzzle Floor?
Because the innovative designs of Puzzle Floor are truly one of a kind. No other company anywhere, manufacturers these designs.

Because our floors are made of solid hardwood. A Puzzle Floor will last for generations.

Because you purchase direct from us (getting the best possible price, service and delivery). We take pride in our personal service.

Because we have an online design center that allows you to express your creativity and see your very own flooring patterns come to life.

Because we support your installation. We’re available by phone to provide support for the DIY installations. And for the No Hassle All Inclusive Premium Package we’ll take care of having your new Puzzle Floor professionally installed.

Because we support your installation. We are available by phone to provide technical assistance to make sure that your installation is a success.
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