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Mesh Steel Trading Ltd.
Bell Village, Mauritius

Mesh & Steel Trading Ltd. is a supplier of Steel Reinforcement, Welded Mesh, ARMATURE, Steel Wires, LME Gabions, BP Geotextile, Tensar Products and other related products. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities operated by MRC Wire Products Ltd. (ISO 9001 certified) and Galvanised & Fine Wires Ltd. (ISO 9002 certified), we are able to keep our promises to our Clientele. 

Our products are certified by Mauritius Standards Bureau (MSB) and regularly tested according to international standards, as well as certain specific tests carried out externally by South African Bureau of Standard (SABS). Our factory's Quality Control Department is increasingly aware of our Clientele's specific/special requirements, which are closely monitored during the production process. We constantly endeavour to offer our Clients complementary products for their benefit and in this instance strive to offer a more comprehensive range. Our supply is not limited to standard stock items, and also includes tailor-made products as per our Clients' requests. 

Our staff is also in a position to offer free technical assistance on order and free on-site supervision during placement of our Welded Mesh and ARMATURE. Our objective is to assist the Client through faster completion time with our prefabricated steel units, and in the case of further processing of our Wire, a top quality product to assist you in improving productivity/efficiency. Mesh & Steel Trading Ltd. is part of the Desbro Group of Companies originally formed in East Africa by the late Desraj Lakhmidass Sennik in 1890. Today, we have affiliated offices in East Africa, North America and Middle East.

Our aim whilst marketing/distributing our products for the Civil, Environmental, and Electrical Engineering sectors in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean Islands, is to promote a personal sales and after-sales service. Our Sales Team make it a personal objective to provide the following related services:

• To evaluate, design or re-design, propose and supervise details for the supply of MRC Welded Mesh and ARMATURE (prefab steel units).

• To assist in necessary modification(s) with regards to the finishing of our products to suit site requirements.
• To maintain the necessary specific requirement(s) for the ease of use of our Wire by secondary processors for finished products.

• To offer relatively suited tailor-made products based on details of application.

• To offer exceptional service at all times.
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