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Sankung Sillah Sons Co. Ltd.
Banjul, Gambia

Sankung Sillah & Sons Limited, the major soap and plastics manufacturing company, based in Kanifing Industrial Estate, Kanifing, Banjul, The Gambia, has recently celebrated its 27th anniversary. The late Alhaji Sankung Sillah established the company in 1982. Alhaji Sankung Sillah was a seasoned businessperson in both the Gambia and the sub region. He spent two decades in the sub region namely Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria prior to setting up the plants in the Gambia. After the demise of the founding father, the children assumed control of the business from 2005 to date. 

The lion share of the company's business is the basic laundry soap. This is a commodity that is fast moving and available throughout the country. The company has a very large share the market. It has distribution vehicles that transport the product throughout the country at the same price to those located near the company's premises. This ensures a uniform price for its product at any location in the country. Thus, it has an exceptional distribution channel throughout the country with a good and long serving customer base. 

Currently we are investing in a new plant for the production of detergent powder and detergent cake. This is a growing market of which, the company must have a great presence. This is an extension of the existing product line, namely, the laundry soap. This product is perhaps the biggest substitute for the laundry soap. As the market develops and, consumers become more sophisticated there is likely to be a greater preference for detergent powder and less for the basic laundry soap. 

In our plastics department, we have both the injection and extrusion technique and our PVC pipes , buckets, bowls and cups have been in the market for a long time. We are also investing in this department to enable us to produce more and different items and supply the sub-region as well as The Gambia.

In 2006 we obtained our ETLS (ECOWAS1 Trade Liberation Scheme) trade certificate that allows us to export duty free to ECOWAS member states. We are exporting to Senegal and Guinea Bissau and are exploring other West African markets.

In 2008 Sankung Sillah met its major goals and invested in new opportunities that will help us achieve constant performance in the years ahead. With great pride we announce to be selected as one of the pilot companies for the ISO 9001 certification. We further positioned the company for sustained success built on new products and distribution channels, trained staff and an excellent management team.

Despite the financial global turmoil we have sustained steady income, maintained our expenses and increased our numbers of staff.

In the view of global warmer and environmental damage that has been caused by industry over the years, Sankung Sillah & Sons has embarked on environmental friendly production processes, involving biomass instead of fossil fuel. The company has taken advantage of the huge amount of groundnut shells that are disposed of as a fuel for its boilers to produce steam. The company has moved to a no-wastage-policy of raw materials, which means that nothing is disposed into the environment.

With this strong foundation, our company is well prepared to meet the challenges of the future.
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