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DAL Group
Khartoum, Sudan

DAL Agriculture is committed to promoting new technology, machines and cultural practices by working with farmers to maximize their profit and to raise their technical skills. 

The company collaborates and co-operates with the Agriculture Research Council; the Agriculture Engineering Department within The Gezira Board; sugar factories in the Sudan and with Gezira University in R&D to increase agricultural yields and reduce production costs. 

DAL Agriculture focuses on two main acitivity areas : Contracting Services and Large-scale Farming.

Contracting Services 
Land preparation services to farmers using the best available machinery and equipment. It contributes solutions to soil problems that restrict production and/or increase costs, such as soil compaction, formation of hard pans, low infiltration rate, stunted and deformed roots of crops and poor crop establishment.

Land-levelling : using laser techniques to save irrigation water and protect crop establishment against water-logging.

Harvesting services using John Deere equipment for combining and stationary threshing for a wide range of crops.

Canal clearing and ditching : irrigation canals are of vital importance to the agriculture industry. These are susceptible to silting and must be regularly maintained and cleared. In 1995, DAL Agriculture introduced the super-long-reach hydraulic excavator for the clearing of main, major and minor canals and digging ditches.

Large-scale farming 
DAL Agriculture is currently establishing its own farming projects to produce cereal crops, vegetables and fruits for both the local market and export. These include : 

Al Ailafoun Project (1,000 feddans area) : greenhouse vegetable crops, shrubs and ornamentals, fruit trees, open grazing for cows, fish ponds and open field cultivation of crops (maize, alfalfa and legumes) using the pivot irrigation system.

Al Waha Project (9,000 feddans) : a land reclamation project to grow forage crops (sorghum, corn and legumes) and provide natural animal grazing with a possible view to red-meat production.

Wadi Halfa 1 Million Feddans Project : Land utilization will be wheat (60 %), corn (15 %), legumes (15 %) and fruit & vegetables (10 %). This is a project of national strategic importance to contribute to meeting national demand, reduce reliance on imports and which will also create employment and development opportunities for the local community.

DAL Agriculture was founded in 1984 as a service company to both public and private sectors working in the field of rain-fed and irrigated agriculture. 

The company is guided by its original values of quality, innovation and commitment and strives to create value through the pursuit of continuous improvement. 

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