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Camelot Vending
Durbanville, South Africa
Camelot Vending specializes in the supply of advanced vending machinery to the wholesale market in South Africa. Camelot Vending was established in 2003. We are a young, dynamic company which has quickly made its mark in the vending industry. We are constantly changing and adapting to keep up to the advances in the industry. Our core business is the supply of quality machinery and exceptional service. We have a national network and can distribute any one of our machines anywhere in the country.

Our High Capacity Cooldrink Vendor which has the ability to vend both 500ml bottles and 340ml cans without any changes required. Gain access to any location with our aesthetically pleasing “DRINKS VENDOR” which outstrips the old traditional can vendor with it's sleek design, live product display, small footprint and massive capacity.

Latest state of the art technology and eye-catching
design are combined in this market-leading glass front cold drinks merchandiser. The robotic arm delivery mechanism guarantees a reliable, fast and exciting vending experience!
Energy management features include: 
- Real time clock, Lighting control, Refrigeration 
- Diagnostic LED's on boards and components 
  for easier troubleshooting
- Full range of diagnostic menus and test programs
- LED illuminated motorized hopper for customer
  convenience. Auto retreat feature in case 
  obstruction is encountered when closing. 
- Flexible dispensing mechanism - no shims or kits
  required to vend virtually any beverage package 
  and 3"-9.5" in height. 
- Patent pending delivery mechanism retrieves each
  vended package and places it within a secure 
  delivery port with little or no agitation.
- Total product control throughout vend cycle, to 
  eliminate product tipping from shelves during or 
  after vend. 
- Delivery system housed in door - no wires, switches,
  solenoids or motors in cabinet.
-Cassette style refrigeration unit - totally self 
  contained, simple to remove/replace.
- Quiet operation
- Multiple branding opportunities inside and outside 
  of vendor.


- Coin-mechanisms
- Note acceptors
- Promotional accessories
- Labels and shelf-talkers
- Lockable money bags
- Security locks
- Spirals and motors
- Branding decals

To offer our clients, both big and small, world class service coupled with fair pricing and unfaltering belief in our products. To supply convenience  that  caters  to the quick service market which combines healthy eating at an affordable price, whilst empowering individuals to create sustainable job opportunities and wealth.
If you feel you are ready to look at entering the industry in a serious manner, please feel free to contact us, either telephonically or by email.

Vending is a business with no personal selling required, the machines sell for you, allowing you to work smart instead of hard. Vending machines are considered ideal sales people, always on the job, never late for work, never take coffee breaks or call in sick. Vending machines never insult customers, give away free samples or steal profits, they don’t take bad cheques, expired credit cards or give out credit. Cash is collected in advance and the product is delivered immediately.

There is virtually no overhead, i.e. advertising costs, rent, employees to pay, etc. An excellent income can be maintained just by working a couple hours a week .

MOST FIRST-TIME INVESTORS choose to start part time and still keep THEIR regular job. Whether you start part time or full time vending, you are the one in control of your time.  ONE OF THE BENEFITS IS THE  CONTROL OF  YOUR MONEY and inevitably your future. IMAGINE A BUSINESS THAT CAN NEVER BE CRIPPLED BY BAD DEBT OR LATE PAYMENTS. With a steady flow of cash, your future will start looking bright. CASH IS KING!

With this business venture you pay No ongoing fees or royalties to anyone . This is your business. You keep the money.

You’re in Business for Yourself -- but Not by Yourself

Work around YOUR schedule, not someone else’s

One of the biggest advantages is that you wont have to spend any money on advertising-the biggest brands in the game are already spending their millions on national brand advertising.

The entire vision of vending machine owners is to provide the best and most popular products while saving consumers (and the vendors themselves) time and money.

It's the KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS that people apply to their business that make it succeed or fail.

Our knowledge, which we gained through trial and error, is freely given to our clients. Our mission is to assist vending operators in achieving their goals: making money!
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