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FC Group of companies
Accra-North, Ghana
FC Skin and Beauty Klinik- North Ridge

Situated at 42 Examination Loop, North Ridge, the FC Skin and Beauty Klinik was established in 1996. The Ridge Klinik has become what can be described as the flagship of the FC Group. The Klinik specializes in general beauty care, skin care and skin disorders. The beauty therapy aspect of the business involves the assessment, analysis and treatment of skin problems. The Klinik also offers beauty consultation as well. The beauty and treatment departments undertake services that include nail extension and treatments, Salon Services, Skin and Facial Treatments, Body wrap and Massage, Reflexology, Eye beautification, Smile crystals fixing, Tattoo, Permanent make up, bridal make up, Ear piercing etc.

FC Skin and beauty Klinik Dansoman

The Dansoman Klinik is an addition to the Group. While it complements the services of the Ridge Klinik, it boasts of some equipment, a modern environment and training facilities. The Klinik undertakes the training of individuals who are interested in any aspect of skin and beauty treatment. The good news is that the training can be arranged to meet the convenience of the trainee in terms of time, duration and course structure.

FC Cosmetics Industry –Dansoman

The FC Cosmetics Industry is also located adjacent to FC Skin and Beauty Klinik Dansoman. This branch produces the popular Forever Clair skin care products. The products are reputed in the Ghanaian market as some of the first-class beauty producers, which are devoid of damaging chemicals. They have been proven to give users the best skin care that is friendly to the tropical environment.
Forever Clair skin products come in various forms to solve different skin problems as well as take care of different skin types. The good thing about Forever Clair products is that they provide a perfect solution for users whose skins have been bleached and damaged by creams that are all over the market.
In fact, FC is so concerned about problems of bleaching that it carries out anti-bleaching campaigns, in collaboration with the Ghana Skin Foundation, in second-cycle schools. Skin care seminars and workshops for various women groups, churches and organizations, banks, Deloitte and Touche, and HFC are organized to educate women on skincare.

FC Institute of Beauty Therapy

The FC Institute of Beauty Therapy is located at Caprice with sole aim of undertaking a high-level beauty training based on an international syllabus approved by City and Guilds. Indeed so much importance is placed on the institute's activities and Graduates that there are regular inspection visits from the City and Guilds International office and the supervision of examinations by external examiners. All these are meant to give the trainees the best there is in terms of beauty therapy and skin care in the world. The beauty of what is happening at the school is that there is the benefit of a blend of international and local expertise. The school, therefore, has naturally attracted students and trainees from across the borders of Ghana . Students come from Togo , Cote d'Ivoire , Burkina Faso , Senegal , and other West African countries. It is revealing to note that the FC Institute of Beauty Therapy has attracted students from as far as Botswana and Zimbabwe . In fact the institute has been turning out so many students equipped with first class know how in beauty therapy. In 2002 alone, the school had on its roll 150 students and sizeable number of lecturers and trainers.

FC Perfumery and Cosmetics – Circle

FC Perfumery and Cosmetics is a popular outlet for the sales of FC beauty products. On sale are varieties of beauty products that include Forever Clair skin products, perfumes and hair products. Advisory services are given to people who call to buy beauty products on the right choice of product to buy for a particular skin type and problem. Serious complaints are referred to the clinic. Other measures taken by the FC Group to enhance its services and give maximum attention to clients include the provision of a mobile service scheme (MSS) whereby skin and beauty services are offered to clients in their office and in the comfort of their homes. The institute's franchise scheme for FC graduates also helps past students to establish on their own, after an initial cost sharing support from the institute to graduates who find it difficult to establish on their own.

Beauty Scope Magazine

Beauty Scope magazine is the premier Health and Beauty Magazine in Ghana . The production of this magazine became necessary because after years of FC Beauty Klinik's accumulated experience, the need aroused that a beauty magazine be produced to get the right health and beauty stuff to both men and women. The magazine highlights on Relationships, Body fitness, Skin Care news, Family issues, Sex issues, Pregnancy, Nutrition, Stress management and many more. The success achieved by the group enabled FC to be selected by the Ministry of Manpower Development and Employment to participate in the World Bank's Alternative Employment Programme (AEP). FC performance at the programme won so much acclamation that it was appointed to carry out training in six other regions in the country.
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