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Nitrogen Tyre Filling Machine


Generate nitrogen from compressed air with carbon molecular sieve (CMS)

Vehicle applicable motorcycles, cars, vans, mini-buses and light trucks.

Configuration 70L built-in nitrogen storage tank;

10M high pressure air charge hose;

Equipped with vacuum and refilling device;

Warranty of service 1 year.


Power supply: AC 220V, 50HZ

Nitrogen purity: 95-99.9%

Input air pressure: ?115PSI (7.93Bar)

Output nitrogen: ?87PSI (6Bar)

Nitrogen producing speed: 2-4m3 per hour

Operating temp.: -20~+50?

Storage temp.: -20~+75?

Breaking pressure: >150PSI (>9.99KG/CM2)

Accuracy : ±1%+0.5PSI

Display mode: 14’’*7’’ LCD (blue light)

Dimension: 650*500*1370mm

Packing size: 750*530*1390mm

Net weight: 62kgs

Gross weight: 67kgs

Oil content: ?0.003mg/m3

Dew point: ?2?

Range of measuring: 0-9.99KG/CM2 (0-150PSI)

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