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Mosquito Repellent LED lighting products

1Repel Inc. is based in Houston, TX and specializes in building mosquito repellent lighting products that utilizes our patent-pending lighting technology.

We are looking for distributors with the experience and reputation to market our 1REPEL products in various countries and regions within Africa. We believe that our revolutionary product is much needed to keep the world safe from the nuisance of bugs especially disease causing mosquitoes.

If you are interested in marketing and distributing the 1REPEL products and see opportunities in your current markets, please get in touch with me.

Best Regards

product agent

i would like to distribute your products in zimbabwe. kindly send me more information

Can be your agent in Zambia

I am a Zambian and would like to become an agent for your product.


I am interested in becoming an agent for your products here in Zimbabwe. What are the your requirements for such?

Thank you.

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