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Glow in the Dark SA
Centurion, South Africa

We at CHROME IT GLOW IN THE DARK South Africa are in the business of developing, manufacturing and distributing a variety of pigments, paints and other products for a wide range of applications from motor vehicles to garden gnomes and interior decorating on walls and kitchens!

(YES! WE CAN GLOW virtually anything!)

Through our formidable team of Distributors, of which we hope you may soon become a member if not already one.

We market CHROME IT GLOW IN THE DARK to the trade and to new entrants, including the DIY market. These can take a variety of forms including the supply of pigments, paints, DIY kits and most importantly, comprehensive practical training.

Back-up and Warranties provided ensure continuity and customer satisfaction. Our continued success depends on this.

Apply our products to virtually any surface, including glass, metals, plastics, polystyrene, ceramics, wood, glass fibre and more.

Our CHROME IT GLOW IN THE DARK products are guaranteed not to fade, peel, grey or 'orange peel', provided of course that you follow the instructions!!!

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