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Hilsachi Investments Ltd.
Lusaka, Zambia

HILSACHI INVESTMENTS LIMITED is a private Zambian owned company limited by shares and whose head office is based in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. The company is under the registration No.126463 and Tax Registration Certificate No. 1002940627.

We are specialized in various engineering services and we boast of dynamic quality goods and services to the government of the Republic of Zambia, farming and mining industries with customer satisfaction being the number one priority. We do among other services; Mechanical, civil and electrical services. We also do supply both mechanical and electrical tools and equipment. We also supply bitumen for road construction.


 Printing and branding

- Conveyor belt spares, accessories and splicing tools

- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

- Firefighting equipment

- High voltage flushes suits

- Explosion proof lights and lighting

- Insucolt protection

- Street, car park Lights & light fittings (Domestic & Industrial)

- Pumps & accessories

- Instrumentation spares

- Fuel loading accessories

- Bitumen

- Crusher spares

- Grading screen wire mesh

- Grading screen Cushion rubbers

- Air slides

- Filter bags

- Power transmission and accessories

- Locomotive and automotive spares

- Construction, mining, farming equipment and spares

- Machine tools

- Expansion joints both for low and high temperature ducting

- Gaskets (water, steam, oils and acid applications)

Hilsachi Investments Ltd - Company Products

- Thermo spans and thermo blankets

- Medical Equipment and Ultra-violet fittings

- High fashion designers Clothings

We boast of a wide network of suppliers, agencies and distribution ship with major companies from India, South Africa, England, Japan and many others. We pride ourselves in offering to customers personalized and dynamic quality goods and services with highly qualified and experience engineers and administrators.


Hilsachi�s aim is to be the processing industrial plants� partner where expert skills and reliable spares and services are required. To always be present in needy times and offer technical support, training and spares.

Share holding

The company is run by a team of experienced and qualified business managers. These are Ms Gertrude Chellah ,Ms Natalie, Mr. Chisaka, Mr. Chisanga and Mr. Kennedy Chipasha.

Mr. Chipasha is the company�s Managing Director, a trained technical business manager with more than 12 years of experience in the management of industrial plants, equipment and trades. He has vast engineering experience in the manufacturing, construction and mining industries. Getrude Chellah is a highly qualified management accountant and a business professional. She is Director corporate and administration with vast experience in medical and mining industries. Ms Natalie Manjoni is the human resources manager and the company secretary. She is trained in Human resource and public administration.

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