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Glocodev Investment Ltd
Kampala, Uganda

Started in 1995 to provide consultancy service, the Glocodev Group has widened it's scope of operations since. Glocodev Investment Ltd. was registered in 1997 and commenced business. Today, trading as Zenith Electronic Security and Communication (ZESCOM), it is the flagship of the group. Zescom provides it's clients with Security and Communication Solutions tailored to individual needs, using cutting edge technology. 

Our solutions do not only serve purposes of security, but foster efficient management as well. For the individual user, a concise threat analysis is undertaken determine an optimal solution without compromising quality and professionalism, but maintaining a reasonable price. 

Our mission statement is to deliver the best in Electronic Security so our clients can take advantage of the best technologies available in the industry today. In the Electronic Security sector Zenith has pioneered the use in Uganda of some of the best brand names available on the world market.

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