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The Hotelier
Lusaka, Zambia

The Hotelier is a "One Stop Shop" hospitality business division operated by Country Hotels and Suites under�City and Country Hotels Zambia Limited.

We provide�hospitality and catering businesses with a wide range of requirements for your hospitality business, setting the right priorities and focus on action steps that generate an effective Return On Investment (ROI). With our services we help you turn the tide in your hospitality business and drive up your financial results.�We specialize in:

?- Supply of all your hotel, restaurant and catering operating equipment, linen, uniforms and amenities

- Revenue Management

- Sales Representation

- Food �and Beverage�

- Internet Marketing

- Hotel Management

- Exterior and Interior �Design advice and direction


With our proven techniques we will help you uncover the hidden revenue potential of your business.�We work on projects large and small across Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Hotelier's best practices can be applied in any kind of hospitality business;

- City Hotels

- Boutique Hotels

- Luxury Hotels

- Resorts

- Budget Hotels/Lodges/Guest Houses

- Catering Facilities

- Restaurants and Bars

- Youth Hostels/Boarding Houses

 Supply of Hotel & Catering Requirements such as Operating equipment from world renowned brands such as:

- Crockery

- Glassware

- Cuttlery

- Holloware

- Restaurant and Room Accessories

- Disposable Cutlery

- Disposable Plates and Cups

- Disposable Take Away Packs


Linen from world renowned brands or manufacturers such as:

- Bed Linen

- Towels and other Bathroom Linen

- Table Linen

- Cleaning Rags

- Gowns


Uniforms from reputable manufacturers such as:

- Chefs' Jackets, full Uniforms and other kitchen uniforms

- Restaurant Waiter, Bar and Management Uniforms

- Housekeeping Uniforms

- Work Suites

- Chefs'�Disposable Hats

- Head Disposable Nets

- Plastic Disposable Gloves 

- Leather Aprons

- Plastic Disposable Aprons


Guest Amenities and other items such as: 

- Soaps

- Lotion

- Shampoos

- Conditioners

- Shower Caps

- Sewing Kits

- Disposable Slippers

Hotel/Lodge Room Design


Whatever the requirement, The Hotelier is there to guide and recommend through comprehensive consultancy. Hotel/Lodge room design requires expertise input at all levels.�

The design and deco is pramount to the whole outlook of the establishment.

We also work with international Hotel/Lodge room designers for that finer look. We provide expertise from:

- Room size and design

- Standard requirements

- International specific requirements

- Deco 

...and More

Food and Beverage Management

The Hotelier�s Food and Beverage Consulting Services is designed to answer the following questions for the hotel management team.


How are the associates really treating the hotel guests?

Are the hotel�s operational standards being complied with?

Are my associates following our company policies?

Are the associates properly handling company funds?

Is the service, quality and cleanliness to prescribed standards?


Knowing the answers to these questions is critical for a hospitality business management because it determines the level of honesty displayed by the employees. It also determines the true experience that the guest has while visiting your establishment's food & beverage facilities. We also assist to implement service standards in terms of:

- Conference/Event/Convention Set-ups

- Banqueting Management.

Revenue Management 

Through a series of proven techniques we will optimize the financial results of your hospitality business. Key action points include:

- Evaluation of the main competitors

- Benchmarking of rates over a year period

- Adopt a healthy market segmentation for the hotel

- Creation of demand calendar

- Assist with the annual budgeting process

- Develop a forecasting model for the hotel

- Set strategic pricing for negotiated, corporate and group rates

- We handle all Revenue management tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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