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Greentech Global LLC
Portharcourt, Nigeria

Greentech Global specializes in an all natural, all organic fuel savings product called Green Fuel Tabs.GreenTech Global, LLC provides SolutionsFor A Cleaner Planet and we make an absolute commitment to our clients that they will never have to choose between saving money or reducing their carbon footprint. Every solution we provide will meet or exceed our guarantee to help our clients contribute to sustainable solutions while lowering costs.

Our product is an all natural, organic, fuel additive (EPA registered) that works in any combustion engine using diesel, unleaded, or bio fuels. It acts as a catalyst to lower carbon emissions burning fuel more efficiently (fuel savings), and reduce engine temperature.

Reducing engine temperature is extremely important to lower overall maintenance costs. We help trucking companies and organizations that rely heavily on a fleet of vehicles to conduct business save money and begin (or continue) a commitment to improve the environment.

We back up our product by offering a "No Risk All Reward Guarantee". Benefits for doing business with Greentech Global:- Fuel costs are reduced by 8-20%.- Lowers engine maintenance.- Reduces Diesel Particulate Matter, Regeneration is needed less often.- Reduces emissions by 20% or greater.- Market your business as a leader in the Green Movement helping to improve the environment.- "No Risk All Reward Guarantee"- You are buying a savings to increase profits where margins are very thin.

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