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Tenacity Auto Parts Co.,LtdC
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Tenacity Auto Parts makes engine mounts, strut mounts, control arm bushings, stabilizer bushings, and air intake hoses with premium quality. We carry comprehensive ranges of Japanese makes, and cover some models for Korean, European, and American applications. The rubber, made according to the formula, NR+BR. is strong and elastic enough to work in the harsh and severe conditions such as freezing and scorching weather. In addition, we have the strict quality control system to ensure the incredible quality in all aspects. We use 3-dimension test, tensile force test, and vibration (durability) test to inspect the parts we make so that customers can be fully satisfied with what we offer. Also, we carry suspension parts such as tie rod ends, ball joints, stabilizer links, rack ends, idler arms, and pitman arms to meet customers' demands. Therefore, with Tenacity, you get the right parts with tremendous satisfaction.

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