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Chemical And Allied Products PLC
Lagos, Nigeria

Chemical and Allied Products PLC evolved from the world-renowned British multinational Imperial Chemical Industries PLC, which formalized its Nigerian operations in 1957 under ICI Exports Limited. In 1962, ICI Paints was also incorporated to manufacture Dulux paints. In 1965, ICI Exports Limited changed its name to ICI Nigeria Limited and in 1968 it subsumed the paints company. Today, CAP plc is a Nigerian Company operating in Coatings Business.

Our Business


The coating business is subdivided into Paints and Flameguard Nigeria.

Paints Business

a) The paints business manufactures and distributes wide range of architectural paints, protective coatings and auto paints. CAP paints can be applied to buildings, furniture, industrial plant and machinery and ships.

b) CAP Decorators

CAP Decorators provide the unique service of minor renovation works and application of architectural paints/coatings to residential and industrial properties.

Flameguard Nigeria

Flameguard Nigeria markets and distributes HCA range of fire protective coatings under license from Flameguard B.V. of the Netherlands. The HCA products are classified as fire retardant/heat resistant coatings, fire stopping materials and extinguishing products.



- Dulux

- Caplux

ÊÊFlame Guard

- Fire retardants

- Fire retardant coatings

- Fire stopping materials

- Fire extinguishing products

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