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Food Export International
Accra, Ghana

Food Export International is an organization that promotes the export of food and agricultural products from Africa to the rest of the world. We help African Exporters of Food and Agricultural Products sell their products overseas. Moreover, we provide very competitive and an International Standard Packaging for processed food from Africa to meet International requirements. 

We also find prospective and genuine buyers for our exporters. This prevent the non-payment of goods after shipment. We also act as an Intermediary between the Export of food from Africa and Importers in Europe, Asia and America. We supply both Air and Sea freight with products sourced locally or from other countries as required. We match qualified foreign buyers with African sellers of food and agricultural products. 

We assist Africa food Exporters to enter foreign markets and find buyers, and we help potential buyers also find African qualified food exports to supply the products they are seeking. We have a data base of over 100 food suppliers and buyers within Africa, Europe, Asia and America and so this allow us to quickly find suppliers of almost any product from Africa. 

We also have buyers for almost all the Food and Agriculture Products we export from Africa. Our quality and consistency policy guarantees our clients receive only the best quality products as we aim to develop long-term relationships with both our clients and suppliers.

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