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Nairobi, Kenya

Located in Nairobi on the Addis Ababa Road in Industrial Area, Maroo Paints is the leading manufacturer of paints and other related products in Kenya and supplies a full range of paints and building materials to meet the growing demands of the construction industry in Kenya. 

Master Matt Emulsion
Plastic Distemper
Plastic Emulsion
Silk Vinyl Emulsion
Super Vinyl Matt Emulsion
Vinyl Matt(Sheen) Emulsion
Weather Guard

Afri Cote Floor Coatings
Afri Cote Marine Primers & Topcoats
Afri Cote Other Products
Afri Cote Road Marking Paints
Afri Cote Textured Coatings
Afri Cote Thinners.
Afri Cote Wood Finishes
Colourtrend Premium Paints (1St Quality)
Colourtrend Primers
Colourtrend Trade Paints (2Nd Quality)
Maroo Bituminous Roof Sealer
Maroo Economy Paints
Maroo Fillers
Maroo General Items
Maroo Glues
Maroo Putty
Maroo Thinners

Maroo Wood Glue 
Bituminous Tile Adhesive 
Maroo Pvc White Glue 
Maroo Ceramic Tile Glue 
Maroo Parquet Tile Glue Disinfectant Cleaner 
Maroo Bitumen Primer Rc1 
Maroo Bitumen Primer Pf4
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