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Ethio Renaissance
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We are a licensed tour operator that provides complete travel planning service. The founders of Ethio-Renaissance Tour and Travel Agency are young Ethiopians from different fields of the tourism industry. The skills and talents of these young professionals have created Ethio-Renaissance- a visionary and dedicated organization that aims to give comprehensive and rewarding tour and travel services to its customers. 

The knowledge and experience we have in the field of tourism, together with our professionalism, has enabled us to develop and shape our services with a multidisciplinary basis. This multidisciplinary approach has also made us unique and enables you, the customer, to put your complete trust and confidence in us. As young and talented Ethiopians, we have a strong commitment to make a difference in the quality of service that is being offered to all tourists and travelers, whether they be Ethiopian or international visitors.  

Our goal has been to create a new approach to travel: one that specifically caters to the interests and priorities of each and every client - an approach that provides you with a personal guide/driver and allows you to get the most out of your limited time. This unique Ethio-Renaissance approach to travel will allow you to forget about all the inconveniences, small and large, associated with touring and gives you the opportunity to experience the extraordinary.  

Ethio-Renaissance, as the name suggests, works with the internal conviction and belief that it can bring about the rebirth of the tourism industry in Ethiopia. The quality of service we offer to our customers and the ease with which clients can avail themselves of these exemplary services makes Ethio-Renaissance the answer to all your travel queries. We will provide and arrange all the facilities and services you need on your trip.  

Whether your interests are in nature, history or cultural diversity don't hesitate to make Ethiopia your holiday destination. From natural spring waters to amazing breath taking landscapes and volcanoes, from incredible historic rock hewn churches and seventeenth century castles to diversified and splendid cultures- it's all here in Ethiopia! Once you've made the choice to visit Ethiopia then don't forget to make Ethio-Renaissance your choice for travel services. All you have to do is call or email us and tell us where you want to go- we'll make all the necessary arrangements- you just sit back, relax and enjoy. Trust us when we say that our dedicated and energetic staff will work to make sure your trip is the most memorable experience possible.

Over the past years we have developed, planned and undertaken a broad and diverse range of thematic group and individual travel projects, numerous adventure tours, international TV projects, research expeditions as well as scientific and historical study trips both in Ethiopia and its neighboring countries.  
We specialize in excursions, holiday/vacation tours and travel, business tours and travel, study/educational tours and travel, family holidays, packaged tours, cultural tourism, historical tourism, event management and group travel, all of which can include activities and services including mountain and desert trekking, bird watching, fishing, safaris of all types, mountain climbing, water rafting, car hire, wedding and honey moon arrangements, airport transfers and accommodation booking.  
Our team of bilingual and multidisciplinary tour guides have worked in association with students' organizations, a TV production crew, independent travelers and scientific study groups from many different countries around the world to explore, study and discover this great country of Ethiopia.  
Ethio Renaissance Tours is staffed with experienced tour operators, guides, driver-guides and cooks, etc. Our drivers/tour guides have traveled widely throughout the country and beyond, and are well acquainted with all areas. 

We operate modern, well equipped 4x4 Land Cruisers and 4WD buses suitable for Ethiopia's climate and road conditions (terrain) and consequently our clients are unlikely to experience any discomfort during our tours both within Ethiopia and across her boundaries. Additionally, Ethio Renaissance Tour's cooks are experienced professionals trained in certified colleges throughout the country. They are able to prepare delicious local and international meals.

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