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Barloworld Plascon Ltd.
Lusaka, Zambia

Manufacturers and suppliers of decorative and general industrial coatings. Heavy duty and floor coatings, Automotive Refinish and OEM Coatings, Inks and Packaging Coatings. PLASCON ZAMBIA, is one of the foremost paint suppliers in the country, with a reputation for quality paints at an affordable price. At PLASCON, we have a wide range of products for exterior and interior use. From the DIY enthusiast to the building and painting contractor we can supply you with the colours, tints and hues to suit your needs.

Double Velvet   /  Interior Paints  /
Plascon Double Velvet is an extremely durable, fully washable and stain resistant wall coating which imparts a beautiful velvet sheen to interior surfaces. Grime simply wipes away, making it the ideal finish for high traffic areas like hallways and corridors. The advanced stain resistant formulation also ensures that stubborn marks do not penetrate the coating, keeping the velvet sheen beautiful for years to come. 

Nuroof Acrylic Roof Paint   /  Exterior Paint  
Plascon Nuroof is an extremely durable, weather resistant coating for cementitious and galvanised iron roofs. The tough formulation is resistant to UV light, acid rain and offers superior water resistance. Advanced pigments and light stabilisers ensure that the wide range of colours remain true. 

Plascon Micatex   /  Exterior Paint  
Plascon Micatex is the No. 1 exterior wall coating, which is extremely durable, UV resistant and water based, with a fine texture for weatherproofing and decorating exterior walls. Plascon Micatex is thick and flexible to effectively fill and bridge hairline cracks and minor plaster imperfections. More Details
Super Eggshell Enamel   /  Interior Paints  /  

Plascon Super Eggshell Enamel is a superior quality enamel for interior use. This tough, durable low gloss coating is ideal for walls and ceilings in kitchens and bathrooms and for all interior trim work. 

Super Universal Enamel   /  Interior and Exterior Paint  
Plascon Super Universal Enamel is a superior quality enamel for interior and exterior surfaces. This tough, durable high gloss coating is ideal for walls in kitchens and bathrooms. UV resistant pigments keep colours bright and provide superior weather resistance, making it the ideal protective coating for garden furniture, fascias, pergolas, window and door frames
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