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Asagyam Herbal Center
Accra, Ghana

We are specialized in the treatment of Acute and Chronic Diseases, such as Eye Infection, Glucoma And Cataract, Stroke, Vein Thrombosis, Artherioclosis, Heart Afflictions, Shortness Of Breath, Waist Pain, Spinal Chord Injuries, Sexual Weakness, Infertility (Male & Female), Menstrual Disorders, STD's, Urinal Track Infections, Piles etc.

ASAGYAM HERBAL CENTER has received numerous awards for being the best herbal clinic in the ECOWAS Sub region. The clinic is lincence by the Ghanaian Ministry of Health, Traditional Medicine Practice Council, a member of Ghana Association of Traditional Medicine Practitioners, The world hospice and palliative care and have consultative statues with the oriental school of tropical medicine in Ohio State, U.S.A.
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