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Al Kamal Cosmetics

Berrak Manufacturing Company
Accra, Ghana

We are one of the leading manufacturers of quality home care and body care products. Currently, the company has extended its line of distribution to the Global market. Our products meets the required Standards and its of best Quality and Pricing. It will be a great honor for us to work with you as our Distributors of our products in your country

Our line of products includes:


-Dishwashing liquids -Fabric Softener

-All Purpose Cleaner -Liquid Bleach

-Windows Cleaner - Cream Cleaner

-WC Gel -Kitchen Cleaner

-Scouring Powder -Pure zone


-Shampoo -Hand Soap

-Hair conditioner -Shower Gel

-Air Freshener -Baby Diapers

-Antibacterial Gel -Hand Sanitizers

We will be very glad to hear from you.We look forward to Build a very strong business relationship with you.

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Al-Kamal Cosmetics