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TransAfrica2000 (GH) Ltd.
Accra, Ghana

TransAfrica2000 has been dealing in communications, information, technology since 1987 in Sierra Leone, becoming a full line distributor for all MOTOROLA Products and services, including other products in PABX Systems with AT&T Barphone of France, SOLAREX of Germany including software and servicing, with technical support personnel from Israel and UK, as well as strategic Partnership with Mr Samy Doppelt of Diamant S Langer, Antwerp, Belgium. 

Due to the escalation of the war all activities and operations were severely disrupted. In the year 2002, TransAfrica2000(GH)Ltd was opened in Accra, as one of the first few company promoting the concept of integrated security solutions with digital technology in security and physical convergence with an Home Grown Concept. 

The company have given seminars, workshops and advice to regional governments, security outfits, industries, companies both the private and public sectors. Delivered a paper at the luncheon meeting of the West Africa Business Association (WABA) in February 2003 on TECHNOLOGY IN SECURITY complimenting efforts in deficiency. In association with Three Lions Security Ltd of London, were involved in sensitizing governmental institutions including the KOTOKA AIRPORT and TEMA HARBOR authorities in opting for an integrated solution for their security needs in 2002, which was adopted into a tender bid proposal in which both companies did participated. It is our intention to assist the government, commerce and industry of Ghana and Africa with the development of a security industry that will serve to support and protect nations assets as a joint enterprise, where everyone benefits and there are no losers (except the rogue and criminals of course). The security of a nations assets, however invested, are paramount. The protection of the people responsible for those assets is an imperative.

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