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InterSec Security Company
Kigali, Rwanda

InterSec Security Company is a leading security company in all the provices of Rwanda for the last over 10 years. We install latest surveillance and security equipment. We are one of the most well-equipped security companies in Rwanda and have state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to meet the needs of all our clients and customers. Some of the products and services we offer include:

• Electric security fences
• Access control systems
• Security consultancy
• Armed and unarmed guards service
• Automatic gates
• Automatic alarm systems
• CCTV services
• Traffic barriers
• Detectors

Our Armed guards undergo rigorous training and receive special firearms training. This training ensures that the guards achieve high level of competence in the use of batons, handcuffs and firearms, that are essential when carrying out crowd, control work, apprehension and arrest if and when it is necessary. 

Intersec Security Company offers a range of sliding and swing gate operators for domestic and light industrial applications use in Rwanda. The accessories include remote controls wheel kit, steel rack and the battery charged via a main electricity supply. The rechargeable battery is capable of storing power up to three days in case of power cuts. The system can easily be turned back to manual in a matter of minutes in case the need arises, making it very reliable. This also eliminates the needs for late night hooting particularly for residential areas.

Fire fighting equipment supplied by us have proven to be real savers of both life and property. It is always prudent and precautionary to have these installed at either your residential or business premises to ensure safety. An automatic alarm system can be connected to smoke detectors, making them reliable 24 hrs/7 days a week. They are mostly installed at high risk locations like petrol stations, supermarkets, restaurants, factories and in modern high storied buildings. A long-time favorite of security and law enforcement professionals around the world.

We also provide surveillance cameras – a preventive electronic security system, whereby when it is installed in the premises of the client, it is electronically connected to our central control room through a transmitter. In case of an intrusion, the transmitter sends an encoded message to the control room operator, available 24 hours a day. By use of operator radios, the nearest intervention force vehicle is instructed to rush to the scene. The maximum intervention time is 10 minutes.

We offer two types of radio alarm systems:
a. Manual system.
This system is activated manually by switching on the alarm button. It is ideal for offices, shops, and residential houses where there is constant human presence.

b.Automatic alarm system.
This system has monitors that automatically detect intruders and transmit messages to our control room for subsequent rapid response. It is ideal for after-work locked-up premises such as stores, shops, offices and warehouses.

c. Communication
Intersec provides Motorola radio hand-sets to its security guards to link them with the central control room.
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