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Stark Consultancy and International Trading
Cairo, Egypt

We are an Egyptian Consultancy & Trading joint stock company based in Cairo with rep. office in Dubai,seeking business development in Africa and increasing the size of trading.

With a vast network of connections across the globe for supply of various Oil & Gas products including high quality Lubricants for different segments; Part of STARK's strategic vision is to bring super high quality products to African markets with very aggressive & competitive pricing schemes along with unmatched customer satisfaction and significant profit margins reflecting positive impact on our buyers & Egyptian market.

Products & Services:

A) Automotive engine oil

B) Industrial Lubricants

C) Tractor Fluid

D) Manual Transition Fluid (MTF) and Automatic Transition Fluid (ATF)

E) Break Fluid

  • Our producers only use genuine virgin oil

  • Our producers have certification from international Major car manufactures

  • Our producers have ISO and/or other National and/or international Quality certifications

  • Our producers are diversified from around the world, Europe, Gulf States, and Africa to meet your standards, requirements and end users demands
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