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Gum Tchad Ltd.
N'Djamena, Chad

Gum Tchad is conceived as international Gum Arabic Export Company in 2007 and officially enter the market in early 2008. Gum Tchad is a leading Acacia Gum trading company in Chad. Our company attained its leading position through the wealth of experience of its management and local agents. Gum Tchad is the only company that in exclusively dedicated for cleaning, sifting, sorting, and packaging of Acacia Gum in Chad. 

Our specialization in one product allowed us to devote all our energy and experience to ensure lasting customer satisfaction and build reliable and unrivalled reputation. Gum Tchad has its own local agents in the seven gum producing regions in Chad purchasing the gum to the company. Thus, unlike other companies Gum Tchad takes the handling the Gum directly from the farmers, guarantying quality and excellence of its products.

Gum Tchad’s vision of the future is to build the base for sustain growth of the gum Arabic production in a way that ensure sustainable livelihood of the farmers in the gum producing regions. The gum production in Chad is based on wild trees in the forest owned communally, hence, by building depots and warehoused in the regions the company will bring the market to the farmers and also provide employment opportunity for the local women to clean and sort the gum on the ground before shipment.

Quality is at the heart of our operation, and with our hands-on approach Gum Tchad will meet all its clients’ demands and exceeds their expectations time and time again. At Gum Tchad we will never compromise on quality and customer satisfaction as we have complete confidence in our products.

A. SEYAL (Talha or Friable)

Acacia Seyal (known as Friable in Chad) is an exudate of Acacia seyal tree and is darker, more friable and is rarely found in lumps in export consignments. A. seyal is not harvested in the same manner as A. Senegal. Instead of tapping the tree to develop the gum tear, A. seyal is exuded through naturally occurring breaks or fractures in the tree branches and bark. Historically, the gum would generally go unharvested, fracture, fall to the ground and be rendered unsuitable for most food applications. 

However, A. Seyal found its way into the market in the 80s as a result new discover new methods to spray dry it and later development led to decolourization of the dark Acacia Seyal without damaging its properties. Thus, A. Seyal acquired new industrial application and more recently widely used in food and pharmaceutical industries. It became cheap and effective substitution to the more expensive A. Senegal.

A. SENEGAL (Kitir)

Gum Acacia Senegal (known as Kitir in Chad) is the dried exudate obtained from the stems and branches of Acacia Senegal, is pale to orange brown solid which breaks with glassy fracture. Gum Acacia is only produced by trees that are in an unhealthy condition, hence, a damaged tree will give a larger yield of gum. Gum yields are improved by natural factors that lessen the vitality of the trees such as hot weather, poor soil, lack of moisture, etc.

Gum farmer, therefore cut and strip the bark from a tree and return later to remove the tears of gum that form in the wounds or scars. Within 3 - 8 weeks, the gum will start to collect in the wound, but this depends on the weather conditions. Gum droplets are about 0.75 - 3 inches in diameter, and they gradually dry and harden on exposure to the atmosphere in a noodle shape. A young tree will yield 400 - 7000g annually.

The Gum season is usually the dry season from October to June and the gum is collected every 10 days. During the rainy season no gum is formed since the trees are in full bloom. After collection, the gum is brought from the farms and stands to villages. From there it’s transported to market. When the gum is purchased by the whole sellers it will then be cleaned by sieving, hand selection and grading. The main purpose of this cleaning process is the removal of sand, bark, extraneous material and any adulteration with other gums.
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