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Sepyana Oil East Africa Ltd
Nairobi, Kenya

SEPYANA OIL EAST AFRICA LTD, was incorporated in the year 2009 to undertake investments in Africa. The company owns and operates a Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) in Nairobi, within the SAMEER AFRICA COMPLEX with a total output capacity of 20 Million litres per year. The LOBP serves to manufacture lubricants for the company's local and export market. The LOBP and state of the art laboratory therein are an example of our commitment to world standards. 

Our expertise and experience in the lubricants blending is boosted by our partners who have over 35 years' experience in oil business. Our confidence thus to enter the Kenyan market cannot be underestimated as our GROUNDED EXPERTISE, REJUVENATED ENERGY and PROVEN ABILITIES will deliver to the market high PREMIUM products. 

Our products are manufactured using the mineral and synthetic VIRGIN BASE OILS of different groups and high quality certified additive packages to meet all international standards. With a focus on African markets, Sepyana Oil East Africa Ltd is set to competitively position itself to provide high quality products and provide unlevelled support and services to its customers. 
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