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Mansoor Daya Chemicals Ltd.
Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

Founded in 1962 by Mansoor Daya the company commenced manufacturing pharmaceuticals and aerosols. The company is located in Dar-es- Salaam, Tanzania's largest city. The factory is conveniently located on the main road from the city centre to the international airport. Products manufactured included generic pharmaceuticals as well as formulations developed by Mansoor Daya 

X-pel an aerosol insecticide spray and No-Bite an insect repellent have been household names in Tanzania since the company began and continues to remain popular. X-pel is the leading insecticide spray in the Tanzanian market and is also exported to all surrounding countries. The company is highly regarded in Tanzania and its products were among the first to be certified and accredited by the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards. 

The company has been the recipient of several national and international awards. Recently the company was the recipient of a UNIDO grant to convert the aerosol manufacturing plant from using CFC (fluorocarbons) implicated in erosion of the Ozone layer to Butane gas. The company is now the only Tanzanian manufacturer of environmental-friendly aerosols.

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